Thoughts on 4/20/06 NYT

The New York Times OpEd contributor Frank Rich is one of the few in the MSM that I respect. His articles have links to reference the events, comments, and/or stats on which he bases his opinions, a refreshing change from what is usually found in MSM. His article “Shoddy! Tawdry! A Televised Train Wreck!” in today’s paper is good perspective on the disconnect between the top down driven traditional media vs. the reality of the bottom up driven engaged citizenry.

Not to plug the NYT to overtly, but the Sunday Magazine is devoted to Green issues. There are articles under the headings of Act, Eat, Invent, Learn, Live, Move and Build.

On that Green Theme – there is a lot going on in DC on the National Mall for Earth Day this Tuesday, April 22, between 12 and 6pm.


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