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Testing…, 1…, 2… Is this thing on?

January 27, 2008

27 January 2008 – Sunday

Great news for those who support Barak Obama – in addition to his huge win in South Carolina on Saturday, Caroline Kennedy has endorsed his candidacy . Today in her NYT OpEd A President Like My Father she speaks eloquently about the similar qualities she sees in Obama. This is no small endorsement as it is her first ever in a presidential race.

Also on Sunday it was announced that Ted Kennedy endorsing Obama at a rally with Obama being held at American University on Monday 28 January. Sen. Kennedy will not just endorse Obama but has said he intends to campaign for him to help with the 22 states that will vote on February 5th, Super Tuesday.

What will be interesting to watch is how Billary will spin these two hefty endorsements in light of Robert Kennedy, Jr. endorsement of Hillary in late November 2007. My prediction is that Billary will not play up the RFK Jr. endorsement and promote a divide in the Kennedy clan.

But I’m much more pragmatic about these things than the Clinton’s…